Friday, August 29, 2014

Google Authorship Removed From Search Result

Every one knows that Google Authorship is very important for every one. It is really helpful to get more clicks and impression. It gives major impact in Search Result. It is all about Authority.

Today i've found that Google completely remove this Authorship from Search Engine Result Page. Here is what i tested in Google.Com:

Seo India Rahul

SEO India Rahul

Even they removed from Data structure Testing Tool as well. Here is the data what i found from it:

I dont know whether it is temperory bug or something else. I dont know whether Google is ready to remove it completely or not.

Please share your experience.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

10 SEO Advices from Expert

SEO is become more important to ensure that your website can easily found, so today we are providing you top 10 SEO advice from Expert to help you get the best search results.

If you have business with online eCommerce store, then your website have to easily found in Search engine result page. Just as Walmart and other retailer store, always try to get best position in search result to be successful.

This is where SEO is come into consideration. Today SEO is the key factor to promote your business and get ROI. As we know, website ranking is depends on many factors like website layout, website design, content, back links and others too. By understanding search terms and developing right SEO strategies, your website can gradually improve its search engine ranking.

Here we are giving 10 SEO Advice that you can implement and start improving search engine ranking.

TOP 10 SEO Advice:

1> Inspire industry related websites to link to your web pages

- This is one of the important factor to optimize your website. Getting inbound links from others website or blog help the search engine find you and understand what your pages about. Search engine treats this kind of link as votes. More votes you have from quality website, the better.

2> Satisfy Search Engines’ hunger with informative text

- Customers are always looking for informative content which can guide and help them to buy a right product. Search engine help them by finding web pages that help them about that product or service.

3> Do Some keyword research

- Who is your target market? What keywords they will use to search your product or service? Do some keyword research which will give you surprise by result.

- To be found on web, you have to speak like your customer’s requirement and their needs.It will be much easy for you to optimize the website for your niche keywords.

4> Make sure each page have unique Meta tags

- Each page have to unique meta description, keywords and unique Title tag. Each page have different emphasis, so its important for each page have to be different title and description as well as keywords.

- Search engine rank webpages, not websites, so each page have to be full optimized for a handful of keywords and you can't optimize every page for the same set of keywords. If you optimize a single page with all your niche keywords, not a single keyword will stand out to the search engines and that search engine will not consider that page important for any set of your keywords.

5> Use your keywords in webpages

- Add your keywords in your content, your meta keywords, meta description, heading, footer, image titles and links of your webpages.

6> Speak your target market’s language

- Help your customers find your website by clearly explaining what products and services you are offering in which regions. Speak like your customer which also help search engine to understand about your business.

7> Update the content to your website

- As per latest Search Engine Guideline, you have to make update your website on regular base. Put Blog section on your website and keep posting on regular base. Also that update have to be display on the home page of your website so your user can get idea on it.

8> Study site’s statistics

- Use statistics tool like Google webmaster and Google analytics which can help you to know which site is driving more traffic to your site and which keyword is most potential for your website.

9> Add interactive features to your website

- Give your readers opportunity to contribute comments, submit product reviews etc on your site. This feature will encourage the readers to visit again on your site and tell others about your site. Interactive features like blog and forums can add bonus to encouraging the visitors.

10> Look at your customer’s content

- Check out search page consistently over several week to check which web page is appearing first in result? Which type of content it drives? Which type of keywords and phrases they are using? How much information they are providing? Do you offer a product or service which your competitor is not offering? List out this entire item and create some meaningful content for your landing page and then start to promote it.

I hope all these advices can help you to understand what we have to take care while optimize your website with relevant keywords of your niche. Feedback and suggestions are welcome. Share your thoughts.

Monday, August 19, 2013

10 Things SEO Should have to avoid

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important for any campaign. Therefore it should have to be done in right way. SEO itself is quite complicated for some reasons, but the main reason is Google uses search engine algorithm, which takes several factors into account when they rank any site, and they continuously changing it on certain period.

There are so many SEO myths that has to be difficult to know which one is 100% true, but I can advise you which mistakes you should have to avoid.

1>Avoid Paid Links

You might get initial boos by getting paid links if your website is already popular. Buy still you are on a risk. Paid links are sometime flagged by Google Search Engine Experts. You may wonder why and how they can catch you? Well, Google bots and spam filtering team search for such kind of links every time. Because paid links are violating the Google guideline, they are flagged with spam filtering team.

Suppose if you pay for few hundred links to be pointed to your site in the same day, some of them flagged as SPAM or irregular link activity. Links from irrelevant categories will seem doubtful as well.

2>Copied Content

Many SEOs tried to copy the same content from other relevant sites. They are trying to cover the same topic with using variants of keywords. As we already know that Google is taking tough action to copied content site. These kind of sites are flushed away with Search Engine Algorithm update like Google Panda.

Instead of copying the others content, try to write sample content on your targeted keywords. Optimize it according to your requirement after write it. So if you want to rank higher, stat away from copied content.

3>Chasing Page Rank

I am not saying that don’t consider it. Yes because as we all know that it is one of the important factor to rank your website and keywords. As much high Page Rank ,the better rank in Search Engine you have. Also you’ll get more visitors towards your site. However, its not only the metric which can help you to achieve higher ranking. Instead, focus on Analytics, ROI and relevancy.

4>Leaving Title Tags Automated

Title tag is undoubtedly important aspect in Search Engine Ranking. Sometime some people write too long character which cross the character limit which defined by Google and other Search Engine. Keep your title short and meaningful. Keep your title with 60 characters. Optimize it according to requirement.

For example, if you write “what is a niche blog and how do I create it?” your title tag should be more targeted towards a keyword, may be something like ‘What Is A Niche Blog?’ with ‘a niche blog’ being a possible keyword. You have to check the popularity of the particular keyword in Google adwords before optimize it in Title tag.

5>Sacrificing the looks for content

While many webmasters depend on content to grow their website or blog, some of them had obsessed with look of the site or blog. If you don’t have attractive design, visitors will not land towards your page. However, overusing of images and graphic will slow down your page and performance. I see many sites which are using heavy flash to getting sounds and motions to their site but this will increase the page load time. And it not worthy enough tradeoff. This can prevent Google bot to crawl your page.

6>Use free hosting Blogs

Blog posting service provider like typed, tumblr, wordpress can provide a decent platform and excellent value. However they are not flexible enough to be able to install the plugins, themes and extensions for SEO results.

All you should have to do is register a domain and get cheaper hosting to host your blogs. Post the content on frequent basis.

7>Keyword Stuffing
The most common mistake in SEO is keyword stuffing. It will hurt your search engine ranking and its unethical also. If you want to achieve higher ranking for bunch of keywords, create separate pages for them. Just focus on content rich pages which have to include keyword usage in minimum manner.

8>Writing Little (Thin) Content

Many websites, especially blogs, suffer from thin content. Writing short content will hurt the readers and also your page will count as low quality page while considering the search engine ranking.

9>Not Doing SEO Correctly

There is no t only one way to promote and optimize your post or website, but there are other proven ways to optimize your webpage or blogs. E.g, in link building, mostly people do same mistake of linking to the front page of website. Instead you should have to point to your top, most recent posts.

10>Forgetting alt tag

To optimize the image, add alt tag while inserting the picture in webpage or in post. Also consider the naming of your image with keyword name while inserting it in page. This will give you definitely good result.

By avoiding the above 10 steps, you can easily optimize your web page or post in right way and can get maximum benefit in Search Engine Result Page. You can ask right and reliable SEO Expert like Rahul Trivedi to get right guidance on your SEO Campaign.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Powerful Guest Blogging Tips

We all know that Guest Blogging is the most powerful SEO link building technique in today’s time but one another fact is that it is time consuming process.

First of all, let’s see what we have to do for publishing 1 Guest Post:

- Find the relevant sites of our business which accept Guest post
- Communicate with blogger and create relationship with him
- Come up with a topic
- Consider and comb through the guest blogging guidelines
- Write your article
- Edit your post according to requirement and guidelines
- Submit your post
- Go through round of edits

Sometime all these efforts will give you flow of traffic and number of new subscribers.

Today I am going to share you some tips of guest blogging which will help you to get SEO benefits.

Tip:1 Get Contextual LinksWe already know that , Google announce through problogger that they will punish the guest blogging in this year. But I don’t think so. I do think that they will devalue the links which are coming from author bio section.

Try to get the links from content section. This will help you to increase click through rate and give you more uninterrupted SEO benefits.

Tip:2 Blog comments = Traffic

Guest post can drive the traffic to your website, but how can you estimate that how much of traffic a guest post bring to you? I’ve found that the number of blog comments on your post is directly proportional to how much referral traffic you can get from guest blogging.

Recently, one of my friend published blog in search engine journal. As we expect, I was ready to get huge number of referral traffic. But it did not come. I certainly realized that site doesn’t get many blog comments.

Blog comments are reliable, legitimate engaged community.  Content at search engine journal is superb as always but the traffic from search engine journal is like hit and run. They read the content and leave it. Also readers are not willing to go through the click rate from author bio.

Tip:3 Link To Your Other Guest Post

If you’re in SEO, then you probably know about the Tiered Link Building. Tiered link building is where you have to create link for your links. Generally people are getting these type of links from crappy web 2.0 site or from article directories.

You can apply same technique to your guest post to make it more powerful. I generally called this idea as KissMetricBlog.

Basically you have to put your other guest post link in your guest post. With this strategy, you will get 2 links in price of 1.

Tip:4 Get your data organized

If you scale Guest post little bit, you’ll eventually lose the track of guest post you wrote..and who you wrote them for.

To make sure you don’t let anything fall through the cracks, I recommend to setting up a simple excel sheet which have to cover all the records.

Mine is look like this:

Source page
External Link
Contacted Via?
Mail ID
Mail ID
Mail ID
Mail ID
Mail ID

As you can see, nothing is complicated. But it helps you to keep in record that what you are sending to whom and when.. Through this, you cannot email the same person twice or do not send the same guest post to 2 different people.

Tip:5 Focus on Page Level Page Rank

While publishing the guest post, you must have to focus on page level Page Rank. Do not consider the domain Page rank only.

As you know that, page rank of the page is the important more then domain PR. Although two are correlate, this isn’t always the case.

For e.g I published some of the posts on which have PR of 5 but the page which I used have 0 or N/A PR.

Tip:6 Stalk Their Social Media Accounts

Another way to measure the traffic potential of guest post is how much they have social followers on social networking sites. Mostly, blogs tends to promote their promote their guest post the same way they promote their own stuff on Twitter, pinterest and other social media sites.   

So if you have 5000+ followers on twitter, we can easily get more visits to your guest posts.

Also Google is paying more attention to social signals. So if you are getting more g+ or more tweet, you will get more link juice.

Tip:7 Add CO-Occurrences Around Links

According to SEO Moz – co-occurrences-the keywords that surround your links – are replacing anchor text.

Means that adding keywords around your links can help to raise the importance as well as ranking for that keyword.

So whenever you write the BIO, add keywords around your link. This will help Google to know about your site more.

So, if you are SEO Expert, I think these tips will surely encourage you to grow up your skill and will give you more benefits through your guest blogs.