Saturday, September 10, 2011

SEO Expert Advice 2011

When regular tweaking of Search Engine Algorithms are occurring at frequent interval of time,  our SEO as well as conversion strategies should keep in pace with them. They must cope up with the latest criteria of Search Engines. This is because acquiring you rankings of lucrative keywords in top 10 is not just a game. It needs a lot of time and effort which you can invest by your self or find others to execute. Proper tuning of ranking and conversion of a keyword decides the final goal for a campaign. This simply means if you don’t have any idea what your conversion objective is, than you should not go for the SEO of a website.

So I would like to start from the ranking point of view first. As we all know, on-page optimization, off –page optimization (link building, video, social media etc.) are the part of SEO still some webmasters do mistakes in on-page optimization too. There are factors and their criteria which need to be followed properly to get positive rankings.

As we all know that SEO is the ongoing process, after completing the proper on-page optimization of a site, link building process shall be started in variant ways.

According to the latest changes in Google algorithm, we need to apply some new ideas to our link building strategy. Social media is the largest arena to advertise your campaign and gets traffic from a specific group of people. As we discussed above, conversion and ranking both should go simultaneously.  From the ROI perspective, pushing traffic to a weak campaign or pushing ranking to a keyword with the less search volume is not beneficial at all.

Here are some tips to build social media profiles by SEO Ahmedabad Rahul Trivedi. In present, only half of the top 10,000 websites have added social sharing buttons of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn etc. to their pages. Though Links posted in the twitter as tweet, bio or website field of profile are considered to be nofollowed, they can give you some traffic juice. The latest feature of adding photos can also helps your campaign a lot. In the same way, Facebook can also give you traffic by posting your keyword in the anchor text in page updates. You can create one in the “notes” section of your page on Facebook. Secondly, the more the followers you have, much trust you can get in eye of Google. Google counts them as your profile’s inlinks. Thirdly, tweeting frequently makes your profile much readable among your followers. Fourth, the negligible but effective thing is to give proper name to your profile picture. For Youtube profile, repetitive use of keywords in video title and description gives incredible importance to your keywords.

You can also make a pure organic community on YouTube by leaving video reply on relevant videos.

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