Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Google Panda 3.8 Launched And its Just Refresh

Google officially announced on twitter that they refresh the Google Panda Update.And this version is called Google Panda 3.8.

It was only refresh,means there is no changes in algorithm signals.They only rerun the panda for indexing,crawling,capture the sites that deserve and only those sites can hit by panda which failed in this rerun process.

On July 25th,they refresh the Google panda update and announced on twitter that it was only 1% of search query has been refreshed.But as we all know their 1% means millions of search result will be affected.

In June we already saw Google Panda updates and this one is second one.Generally they run the Panda update after two or three month but in June they rerun the process again.Also they announced that they will push for the version 4.0 and I hope that we will see it very soon.

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